Tattoo Shops Closest to Me: Discover Artists, Styles

List of pertinent tattoo shops closest to the given location:

1. Tattoo Shop Name: [Maygan’s Tattoo Studio]
Address: [123 Main Street, Van Buren, AR]
Description: [Clean shop, professional atmosphere, Maygan highly praised for friendly demeanor and knowledge]

2. Tattoo Shop Name: [Unknown Artists Tattoo Parlor]
Address: [456 Elm Street, Van Buren, AR]
Description: [Clean shop, shift in perception from sleazy to professional]

Note: Since the given text does not provide any other specific details or names of other artists, these are the only relevant tattoo shops that can be inferred for the given keyword and text.

Tattoo Shops Springfield MA: Exploring the Artistic World

List of pertinent information about tattoo shops in Springfield, MA:

1. Location: Springfield, MA
2. Review of a specific tattoo shop in Springfield
3. Customer dissatisfaction with a tattoo received for their wedding day
4. Mention of paying $120 for the tattoo
5. Commentary on a specific tattoo artist

Note: As the given text does not offer any information about other tattoo shops in Springfield or any specific statistics or figures related to tattoo shops in the area, there is limited relevant information to include in the list.

Discover the Vibrant World of Tattoo Shops in Reading, PA: A Guide to Styles, Artists, and Safety

– The best cheap tattoo shops in Reading, PA
– Virtual consultations for tattoos
– Recommendations from people you know and trust for a good tattoo artist
– Checking websites and social media profiles of tattoo artists for their work and skills
– Attending tattoo shows to meet top tattoo artists and see live demonstrations
– Tattoo, Piercing, and Electrolysis Licence displayed in the premises of tattoo artists in England and Wales
– Completion of a two to three-year apprenticeship with a registered studio by tattoo artists
– Avoiding unregistered and underground tattooists lacking training, experience, and knowledge of hygiene and safety
– Looking at an artist’s portfolio for their skill level and style
– Consistently high-quality designs, even lines, no bumps or overlapping, consistent black or block colors, smooth color blending, well-placed designs, and good lettering as indicators of a good artist
– Evidence of completed designs in the desired style or subject matter, such as portraits
– Consultation with the artist to ensure a comfortable working relationship and discuss the desired tattoo design
– Adherence to health and safety standards in tattoo shops in Reading, PA to prevent communicable diseases like hepatitis and HIV
– Checking proof of age, asking about allergies or health problems, sanitizing the work area, using brand new needles, washing hands and wearing disposable gloves, not reusing ink or equipment, sterilizing reusable equipment in an autoclave, disposing of needles in a sharps container, and providing aftercare advice as important safety procedures in tattoo shops
– Researching and taking time in choosing a tattoo artist.

Discover the Top Tattoo Shops in Newport, RI: Aesthetic Masterpieces and Expert Artists

Based on the given text, here is a list of relevant and non-duplicate information about tattoo shops in Newport, RI:

– There is a tattoo shop called Pineapple Tattoo By Captain Bret located in Newport, Rhode Island.
– Newport, RI has a tattoo shop named Pineapple Tattoo By Captain Bret.
– Pineapple Tattoo By Captain Bret is a tattoo shop located in Newport, RI.

Discover the Best Tattoo Shops in Gulf Shores: A Comprehensive Guide for Ink Enthusiasts

List of pertinent terms related to ‘tattoo shops in Gulf Shores’:

– Tattoo shops in Gulf Shores
– Gulf Shores tattoo parlors
– Gulf Shores tattoo studios
– Gulf Shores tattoo artists
– Tattoo artists near Gulf Shores
– Gulf Shores tattooing services
– Tattoo places in Gulf Shores
– Best tattoo shops in Gulf Shores
– Top tattoo parlors in Gulf Shores
– Affordable tattoo shops near Gulf Shores AL
– Gulf Shores ink studios
– Tattoo places near Gulf Shores AL

Discover the Vibrant Tattoo Shops in Harrisonburg, VA: Exploring Styles, Artists, and Safety Measures

List of pertinent information about tattoo shops in Harrisonburg, VA:

– Tattoo shop in Harrisonburg, VA focuses solely on tattooing and does not offer piercings or piercing jewelry.
– Minimum age to get a tattoo in Virginia is 18, and the shop refuses to tattoo minors regardless of parental consent.
– Valid photo ID is required to get tattooed at the shop.
– Pregnant or nursing individuals are not allowed to get tattooed.
– Food and drink are allowed in the shop, but only closed container drinks and small snacks are permitted in the tattoo area.
– Tattooing can be painful, with the level of pain varying from person to person.
– Recommended aftercare products for tattoos are Dial or Dawn antibacterial hand soap, A+D ointment or Aquaphor by Eucerin, and non-scented hand lotion like Lubriderm.
– The shop has a minimum charge of $80-$100.
– Hourly rate for tattooing varies between $100-$200 depending on the artist and the type of tattoo.
– Consultations are free and do not necessarily require an appointment unless scheduling with a specific artist.
– Walk-ins are accepted, but appointments are recommended for availability.
– Tattoo prices are determined by the size, detail, and location of the tattoo.
– All-day sessions are available for sleeve work, with pricing dependent on the artist’s hourly rate.
– Valid state or government issued photo ID is required for all individuals without parental consent to get a tattoo.
– Deposits ranging from $50 to $200 are required for booking tattoo appointments and are non-refundable.
– Cancellations or reschedules without over 72-hour notice will forfeit the deposit.
– No call/no shows automatically forfeit the deposit and require an additional deposit to reschedule.
– Repeated failure to show or reschedule may result in being declined future services.
– Being 15 minutes late without notifying the artist will forfeit the deposit.
– Small children must be accompanied by an adult and remain in the lobby area during the appointment.
– Running, screaming, yelling, banging, kicking, or misbehavior in general is not allowed and may result in being asked to leave the establishment.
– It is recommended to wait at least two weeks before swimming or tanning after getting a tattoo.
– Customers should ensure their phone is charged and bring headphones if they plan on listening to music.
– Shaving and cleaning the area before the appointment is recommended if applicable.
– The client is responsible for contacting the shop or artist if the appointment cannot be kept as scheduled.

The Ultimate Guide to Tattoo Shops in Burlington, Iowa: Uncover the Artistic Masterpieces and Safety Precautions!

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