The Battle Royal Tattoo: Stories of Tradition, Artistry, and Meaning

In the ever-evolving world of tattoo artistry, there exists a fierce battle royale of creativity.

Amongst the ink-stained battlefield, one design stands tall: the epic clash of animals fighting in a vibrant display of power.

The battle royal tattoo, with its old school design featuring an eagle, snake, and dragon, engulfs the bodies of both tattoo artists and collectors alike.

Whether adorning the back, chest, or stomach in a large, intricate masterpiece, or etched delicately on the arms and legs in smaller, captivating works, this tattoo has become a symbol of thriving artistic expression.

Join us as we delve into the captivating world of battle royale tattoos, exploring the talents of legendary artists such as D.C (Dave) Paul, Huck Spaulding, Paul Rogers, George Burchett, Hori Uno, Percy Waters, and Ben Corday.

Discover the rich history of Japanese traditional tattooing and American traditional tattooing, and witness the marriage of old and new through the neo-traditional style of CJ Fishburn and Dan.

Uncover the secrets of the trade, from the meticulous rubbing of plastic acetate to achieve a flawless design transfer, to the skilled hands that maintain balance between art and life.

Brace yourself for a visual feast of full color tattoos and prepare to be captivated by tales of craftsmanship and creativity.

Dare you step into the battle royale arena?

battle royal tattoo

A battle royal tattoo is a design that often features animals fighting each other, such as an eagle vs.

a snake or a dragon.

It is typically an old-school design and can be done in various sizes and placements on the body, such as the back, chest, stomach, arms, or legs.

Battle royal tattoos are highly sought after by collectors and can be done by skilled tattoo artists specializing in Japanese or American traditional tattooing styles.

Some notable artists known for their battle royal designs include D.C.

(Dave) Paul, Huck Spaulding, Paul Rogers, George Burchett, Hori Uno, Percy Waters, and Ben Corday.

These tattoos often symbolize the idea of maintaining balance in life, and they can be created as full color tattoos or in a neo-traditional style.

CJ Fishburn and Dan are also artists known for their expertise in creating battle royal tattoos.

Key Points:

  • Battle royal tattoos feature animals fighting each other, like an eagle vs. a snake or dragon.
  • They are typically old-school designs that can be placed on various parts of the body.
  • Highly sought after by collectors, battle royal tattoos are often done by skilled tattoo artists specializing in traditional styles.
  • Notable artists known for their battle royal designs include:
  • D.C. Paul
  • Huck Spaulding
  • Paul Rogers
  • George Burchett
  • Hori Uno
  • Percy Waters
  • Ben Corday
  • These tattoos symbolize maintaining balance in life and can be created in full color or neo-traditional style.
  • CJ Fishburn and Dan are also well-known artists in the battle royal tattooing field.

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Pro Tips:

1. The term “battle royal” originated from a historic tradition in European monarchies where multiple knights engaged in a free-for-all battle until the last man standing was declared the victor.

2. The first recorded instance of a battle royal tattoo dates back to the 18th century, when English sailors would get tattoos depicting their participation in these intense fights, showcasing their bravery and strength.

3. Battle royal tattoos often incorporated symbols of protection and luck, such as images of guardian angels or horseshoes, to ensure the wearer’s safety during combat.

4. In contemporary times, battle royal-themed tattoo designs have gained popularity in the wrestling community, with many professional wrestlers displaying these inked tributes on their bodies as a symbol of their toughness and resilience.

5. One lesser-known fact is that battle royal tattoos were also used as marks of unity among military troops during World War II. Soldiers who survived intense combat together got matching tattoos to commemorate their bond and honor their fallen comrades.

1. Battle Royale Tattoo: Exploring Old School Designs

The Battle Royale tattoo is a timeless and iconic design that has captivated tattoo enthusiasts for decades. With its old school aesthetic, this tattoo style represents the rich history of tattooing and the classic designs that have stood the test of time. The Battle Royale tattoo often features bold lines, vibrant colors, and a sense of power and strength. Whether it is an image of an eagle, a snake, or a dragon, this old school design is a symbol of courage and resilience.

2. The Symbolism Of Eagle And Snake In Battle Royale Tattoos

Within the Battle Royale tattoo motif, two iconic symbols that often take center stage are the eagle and the snake. The eagle represents freedom, power, and vision. It is a majestic creature that symbolizes strength and the ability to soar above challenges. On the other hand, the snake represents transformation, wisdom, and regeneration. It is a powerful symbol that signifies the ability to shed one’s old skin and embrace new beginnings. The combination of the eagle and the snake in a Battle Royale tattoo represents the eternal struggle between good and evil, light and dark, and the importance of maintaining balance in life.

3. Dragon Tattoos In Battle Royale: A Symbol Of Power And Strength

Dragons play a significant role in Battle Royale tattoo designs, symbolizing power, strength, and wisdom. These mythical creatures are portrayed as fierce and majestic beings. In Battle Royale tattoos, the dragon represents the indomitable spirit, courage, and the ability to overcome challenges. With their scales, sharp claws, and fiery breath, dragons embody the concept of invincibility and serve as protectors against adversaries.

4. Animals Fighting: Popular Themes In Battle Royale Tattoos

Animals fighting is a popular theme in Battle Royale tattoos. This theme represents primal instincts and the determination to conquer challenges. The imagery of lions and tigers battling, or wolves and bears engaging in combat, resonates with individuals who aspire to embody strength, resilience, and the spirit of a warrior.

5. Tattoo Artists And Collectors In The Battle Royale Scene

The Battle Royale tattoo scene is thriving with a community of skilled tattoo artists and enthusiastic collectors. These artists are experts in creating intricate and bold designs that are characteristic of the Battle Royale style. Through their exceptional skill and artistic vision, they bring these designs to life. The collectors of Battle Royale tattoos value the artistry and symbolism behind each piece, as they hold personal stories and meaningful experiences.

6. Large Battle Royale Designs: Back, Chest, And Stomach Tattoos

When talking about large Battle Royale designs, the back, chest, and stomach are commonly chosen as canvas areas. These regions have enough space to accommodate expansive artwork encompassing various elements like eagles, snakes, and dragons. The generous size of these tattoos allows tattoo artists to display their creativity and attention to detail. Ultimately, a large Battle Royale design inked on the back, chest, or stomach serves as a bold statement, symbolizing strength and power that captivates the viewer’s attention.

7. Smaller Battle Royale Works: Arms And Legs Tattoos

For those seeking a more subtle yet equally impactful Battle Royale tattoo, the arms and legs offer the perfect placement. Smaller Battle Royale works on the arms and legs allow for versatility, allowing individuals to choose designs that hold personal meaning or represent their own journey. Whether it’s a snake wrapping around the forearm or an eagle soaring up the calf, these smaller tattoos serve as reminders of one’s inner strength and determination.

8. Legendary Tattoo Artists Of Battle Royale: D.C Paul, Huck Spaulding, And More

In the realm of Battle Royale tattoos, several legendary tattoo artists have left an indelible mark on the industry. D.C (Dave) Paul, Huck Spaulding, Paul Rogers, George Burchett, Hori Uno, Percy Waters, and Ben Corday are just a few names that have made significant contributions to the art of tattooing. These artists have not only perfected the craft of Battle Royale tattoos but have also influenced the development of traditional tattooing styles globally. Their innovative techniques and timeless designs continue to inspire both tattoo artists and collectors alike.

9. Traditional Tattooing Styles: Japanese Vs. American Battle Royale

Within the Battle Royale tattoo scene, two distinct traditional tattooing styles have emergedJapanese and American. Japanese traditional tattooing, also known as Irezumi, emphasizes intricate details, bold outlines, and vibrant colors. With its iconic motifs such as koi fish, cherry blossoms, and Oni masks, Japanese Battle Royale tattoos are revered for their artistry and cultural significance. On the other hand, American traditional tattooing features bolder lines, primary colors, and iconic imagery such as eagles, anchors, and roses. Both styles have contributed to the rich tapestry of Battle Royale tattoos, offering individuals the choice to embrace either the mystique of Japanese tradition or the classic Americana aesthetic.

  • Japanese traditional tattooing (Irezumi):
  • Emphasizes intricate details
  • Bold outlines
  • Vibrant colors
  • Iconic motifs: koi fish, cherry blossoms, Oni masks
  • Revered for artistry and cultural significance

  • American traditional tattooing:

  • Bolder lines
  • Primary colors
  • Iconic imagery: eagles, anchors, roses

Both styles contribute to the rich tapestry of Battle Royale tattoos, allowing individuals to choose between the mystique of Japanese tradition or the classic Americana aesthetic.

“Japanese Battle Royale tattoos are revered for their artistry and cultural significance.”

10. Balancing Life With Battle Royale: Neo-Traditional And Full Color Tattoos

As tattooing techniques and styles continue to evolve, the Battle Royale tattoo has adapted to new trends such as neo-traditional and full color tattoos.

  • Neo-traditional Battle Royale tattoos fuse the classic elements of traditional designs with a modern twist, incorporating more realism, shading, and texture.
  • Full color Battle Royale tattoos push artistic boundaries, allowing for vibrant, lifelike representations of eagles, snakes, dragons, and other powerful symbols.

These styles offer individuals the opportunity to express their individuality while still honoring the tradition and meaning behind Battle Royale tattoos.

The Battle Royale tattoo is a symbol of tradition, artistry, and personal significance. Whether it is an old school design featuring an eagle battling a snake, a dragon exuding power and strength, or animals engaged in combat, Battle Royale tattoos embody the spirit of warriors seeking to maintain balance in life.

From talented tattoo artists like D.C Paul and Huck Spaulding to the timeless styles of Japanese and American traditional tattooing, the Battle Royale tattoo scene continues to thrive, captivating tattoo enthusiasts and collectors around the world.

  • Battle Royale tattoos continue to evolve with new tattooing techniques and styles.
  • Neo-traditional Battle Royale tattoos combine classic elements with a modern twist.
  • Full color Battle Royale tattoos allow for vibrant, lifelike representations.
  • The tattoos symbolize tradition, artistry, and personal significance.
  • They embody the spirit of warriors seeking balance.
  • The Battle Royale tattoo scene is thriving with the work of talented artists and timeless styles of tattooing.


You may need to know these questions about battle royal tattoo

What is the meaning of the battle royal tattoo?

The battle royal tattoo embodies the harmonious clash between the contrasting forces of the Eastern and Western cultures. It symbolizes the fusion of two worlds, with the animals depicted locked in a fierce struggle, representing the duality and interconnectedness of life. This tattoo design serves as a reminder that even in the midst of conflict, there is a delicate balance that exists, showcasing the intricate dance between opposing forces. Ultimately, the battle royal tattoo serves as a visual representation of the complex intertwining of different cultures and the beautiful unity that can emerge from such intersections.

Who designed the Battle Royale tattoo?

Renowned tattoo artist CJ Fishburn takes us through the fascinating backstory of the Battle Royale tattoo while implementing a stunning design created by the visionary duo Huck Spaulding and Paul Rogers. The artwork showcases a breathtaking scene where a majestic diving eagle eagerly anticipates sinking its razor-sharp talons into the flesh of a formidable dragon, while an audacious serpent thrusts itself forward with jaws agape, its sinuous body coiling around both mythical creatures. This dynamic and captivating composition exudes a sense of imminent conflict and embodies the talent and creativity of the tattoo industry’s finest artists.

What’s the meaning of an eagle tattoo?

An eagle tattoo holds a profound significance, symbolizing various virtues deeply ingrained in American culture. It represents not only freedom and courage, but also serves as a powerful emblem of national pride and loyalty. This majestic creature reflects the strength and resilience that defines the American spirit, making an eagle tattoo a potent expression of one’s commitment to their country or a cause they hold dear. Adorning oneself with an eagle tattoo is a way to visually embody these values and stand as a proud representative of American heritage.

What tattoo do Navy Seals have?

The bone frog tattoo holds a significant place within Navy SEAL culture. Serving as a powerful symbol of achievement, resilience, and brotherhood, this distinct tattoo represents the elite status and unwavering dedication of these courageous individuals. Embodied in the intricate design are elements representing the life and values of a Navy SEAL, echoing their ability to operate in diverse environments and their commitment to completing missions with utmost precision. The bone frog tattoo serves as a reminder of the unparalleled tenacity and unbreakable bond shared among these extraordinary warriors.

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