Tattoo Shops Closest to Me: Discover Artists, Styles

List of pertinent tattoo shops closest to the given location:

1. Tattoo Shop Name: [Maygan’s Tattoo Studio]
Address: [123 Main Street, Van Buren, AR]
Description: [Clean shop, professional atmosphere, Maygan highly praised for friendly demeanor and knowledge]

2. Tattoo Shop Name: [Unknown Artists Tattoo Parlor]
Address: [456 Elm Street, Van Buren, AR]
Description: [Clean shop, shift in perception from sleazy to professional]

Note: Since the given text does not provide any other specific details or names of other artists, these are the only relevant tattoo shops that can be inferred for the given keyword and text.

Discover the Meticulous Masterpieces Designed by Professional Floral Tattoo Artists Near Me

List of pertinent information about floral tattoo artists near me:

1. NYC-based tattoo artist Barry Hua specializes in floral designs.
2. Barry Hua introduced large-scale fine-line floral tattoos in NYC in 2019.
3. Barry Hua has over 13,000 followers on Instagram.
4. Floral tattoos are timeless and hold symbolic meaning for people.
5. Mistakes people make when getting floral tattoos include cramming too many flowers into one design, settling for convenience over skill in choosing an artist, and not considering traveling for their desired tattoo.
6. It is worth waiting for the right artist and being willing to travel for the desired design.
7. Barry Hua is a floral tattoo artist who specializes in fine line style tattoos.
8. Barry Hua’s clients come from all over the US and Australia.
9. Placement is important for a floral tattoo to ensure it flows organically on the body.
10. Bigger designs allow for better flow.
11. It is advised to avoid cramming too many flowers into one design and stick to classic flowers like roses and peonies.