Steph Curry Arm Tattoo: Inspiring Personal Story and Meaning

– Stephen Curry has several small tattoos scattered on his body
– His tattoos are influenced by his faith and love for his family
– He wrote his college thesis on the correlation between athletes and tattoos
– The word “woe” on his right bicep stands for “Working On Excellence”
– The greater than and less than symbol on his left bicep represents a Bible verse
– The Hebrew symbol on the outer side of his left wrist translates to his family name, Curry
– The Hebrew writing on his shooting hand translates to “Love never fails”
– He has the abbreviation “TCC” and the number 30 on his left wrist, representing Trust, Commitment, and Care and his jersey number respectively.
– On his left ring finger, he has the letter “A” for Ayesha, his wife.
– On his right leg, he has tattoos representing his three children. The youngest, Canon, is represented by a wolf. The second-born, Ryan, is represented by a butterfly. And his oldest, Riley, is symbolized as a unicorn.