The Art of SelfExpression: Sean Tattoo Guide

Sean Shea is a tattoo artist from Portland who originally comes from Cape Cod. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Illustration. After a few years, he started a traditional tattoo apprenticeship at Mooncusser Tattoo in Provincetown. Sean enjoys making all types of tattoos, including traditional and realistic black and grey styles. Recently, he has been leaning towards an illustrative black and grey style based in realism. He is skilled in shading, light source, and perspective. Sean prides himself on being able to tattoo in most styles, including color. He likes to build a narrative in his designs and aims to create images that both he and the client are pleased with. The article is a personal introduction by an artist named Sean Shea. He was born and raised in Cape Cod and went to Rhode Island School of Design. He later worked as a traditional tattoo apprentice in Provincetown. After seven years, he decided to move to Portland to further his career.

Josh’s Tattoo Transformation: Insights From an Esteemed Artist

– Josh – tattoo artist
– high-quality body art
– two decades of experience
– traditional tattoos
– neo-traditional tattoos
– black and grey tattoos
– watercolor tattoos
– floral tattoos
– educating clients on tattoo care
– recommending other tattoo artists
– top-quality powder pigments
– acrylic-free pigments
– single-use tattoo needles
– safe and clean tattoo experience

Thomas Asher Tattoo: Unlocking the Artistic Journey & Cultural Significance

– Funeral services for Thomas Asher will be held from October 21-23 at Autograf Tattoo in Jacksonville, Florida.
– An autopsy is required before the funeral services can take place.
– A fundraising effort is being started to cover the costs of the funeral and to support Autograf Tattoo.
– Smokes and Shots at the Shop will be held on Friday, October 21, and there will be a Celebration of Life and viewing on Saturday.
– Thomas Asher wanted to be cremated, and his ashes will be distributed in the places he traveled to and worked at.
– Donations can be made through various platforms, and a print will be given as thanks for each donation.
– Assistance is needed to prepare the shop for the memorial service, including putting art back on the walls and cleaning.
– The article discusses the Thomas Asher One Hundred & 99 Problems, Pin Up Designs sketchbook. This sketchbook costs $75. It contains 112 pages of classic and uniquely drawn pin up designs.

Tattoo Shop Nacogdoches: Unveiling the Art of SelfExpression

– Blue Lotus Tattoo and Piercing Shop is a fully licensed tattoo and piercing studio in Nacogdoches County, Texas with over 16 years of experience.
– Golden Cicada is another reputable and experienced tattoo and piercing studio in Nacogdoches, Texas.
– The artists at both studios have 12+ years of experience in client care, aftercare, and maintaining a clean and safe environment.
– Both studios offer a safe and comfortable environment with professional and educated artists.
– Both studios believe in the importance of making informed and educated decisions when choosing tattoos and piercings.
– Blue Lotus Tattoo and Piercing Shop specializes in creating tattoos and piercings based on customer descriptions and can bring customers’ dream tattoos to life.
– Golden Cicada’s mission is to share industry knowledge, consistent work, and skillful body art with clients and the community.
– Blue Lotus Tattoo and Piercing Shop encourages clients to call ahead or set appointments for piercings to minimize wait time.
– Golden Cicada’s piercing appointments allow for a quick consultation to discuss anatomy and answer questions.
– Proper identification is necessary for new piercings as required by the state.
– Tattoo appointments at Blue Lotus Tattoo and Piercing Shop are currently only booked through their website.
– Golden Cicada is in the process of expanding and will be more suitable for walk-ins in the future.

Demystifying the Art: Luke Burbank’s Tattoo Journey Unveiled

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Tattoo Cover Up Las Vegas: Expert Tips and Recommendations


1. Hart & Huntington Las Vegas: Offers tattoo cover-up services for unwanted tattoos
2. Skilled tattoo artists: Experienced in transforming old designs into new ones
3. Located off the Strip in Las Vegas: Convenient location for tattoo cover-ups
4. Consultations available: Discuss desired tattoo style and create new design
5. Goal is to leave with new piece of art: A tattoo the person will be proud of
6. Alternative to laser tattoo removal: Covering up a bad tattoo
7. Importance of finding an experienced tattoo artist: Able to assess existing tattoo and design an effective cover-up
8. Size of new tattoo will be larger: Allowing for more possibilities and detail
9. Deep colors recommended: Blues, browns, and blacks effectively mask old tattoos
10. Laser removal sessions may be necessary: Depending on the existing tattoo
11. Effectiveness of a cover-up tattoo depends on size, colors, and shape: Skilled tattoo artist can help find best design
12. Skin Factory Tattoo Shop: Contact for a consultation with one of their tattoo artists.

What is a Tattoo Consultation: Exploring the Essentialities?

– Process of a tattoo consultation for first-time tattoo recipients
– Small test tattoo during the consultation to gauge client’s pain tolerance
– Checking in with the client throughout the tattooing process for comfort
– Importance of communication and requesting breaks if necessary
– Using relaxation techniques like deep breathing to minimize pain
– What happens during a tattoo consultation
– Small zap to assess the feeling of the tattoo in the first session
– Client’s honesty and communication for breaks
– Sitting still and relaxing during the tattoo session to minimize pain
– Avoiding holding breath or resisting the process to prevent increased pain

Why a Graphic Designer Tattoo Might Be a GameChanger for Your Career

– Graphics is a popular tattoo style in the 21st century that originated in the mid-1990s in Europe.
– Thousands of artists represent this style and people are drawn to its clarity and expressiveness.
– Graphic tattoos use only black pigment and have expressive line work.
– Clear outlines of tattoo elements and saturated black color are important features of the style.
– Modern artists are experimenting with mixing graphics with other monochrome styles and even colorful styles like realism and watercolor.
– Subjects of graphic tattoos are often inspired by old historical books, encyclopedias, and botanical reference books, and can include plants, fish, insects, snakes, skeletons, and buildings.
– Graphic tattoos are considered complex due to the complexity of designing a sketch and require filigree execution with thousands of small strokes.
– It is important to choose only professionals in the field for graphic tattoos.
– Winston the Whale specializes in graphic tattoos that merge Scandinavian folk art with 1950s graphic design and graffiti culture.
– Jess Chen is known for her elegant floral and water-themed tattoos, as well as art history-inspired figures in sketch styles.
– Myra Brodsky works at Red Rocket Tattoo in New York City and attributes her graphic design background to her creative work.
– Roni Zulu combines tribal and indigenous influences with classic portrait and surrealist elements in his work.
– Zihwa Hongdae incorporates delicate, fine-line designs with vibrant colors and aims to break down prejudice against tattoos in Korean culture.
– Damn Zippy is a tattoo artist based in Portland known for his colorful and graphic designs.
– Damn Zippy initially worked as a brand designer before transitioning to tattooing and uses software like Photoshop and Illustrator in his tattoo designs.

Unveiling the Extraordinary World: Female Tattoo Artist Kansas City Shines

– Devan is a professional female tattoo artist currently living in Kansas City, Missouri.
– She is originally from the West coast.
– Devan specializes in cover up tattoos and mixed imagery designs.
– She has been tattooing for over 18 years.
– Devan brings a level of honesty and experience to design suggestions that are not normally provided by other artists