The Fascinating Meaning and Symbolism behind Wave Tattoo on Wrist

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– The designs range from minimalist ones to intricate watercolors and oil pastels.
– Some notable designs include a blue-colored fine line wave tattoo, an abstract wave tattoo with a moon, a combination of black and blue ink in a wave tattoo, an intricate wave tattoo with blue, black, and white ink, a calm blue sea tattoo with a moon and stars, a heart-shaped wave tattoo, a wave tattoo on the ribcage, a wrist wave tattoo, matching wave tattoos for couples, an oil pastel wave tattoo, a small and subtle wave tattoo, a frame wave tattoo, a pastel abstract wave tattoo, and a white ink wave tattoo.
– The wave tattoo is often worn as a protective totem by those who live or work near water.
– The wave is seen as a symbol of natural forces and the struggle or acceptance of life’s challenges.
– The tattoos have different designs and styles, including horizontal lines, circular waves, dot work, and black and gray curvature.
– Some tattoos feature additional elements such as palm trees, sun, and birds, and how they enhance the overall design.
– The tattoos incorporate black line work, curves, and straight lines to create the wave-like designs.
– Some tattoos feature additional elements such as mountains, hearts, weed leaves, and a sun.
– The use of shading, gray scale, and dot work is seen in some tattoos to add depth and detail.
– The pricing of a wave tattoo can vary depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the design.
– The smallest designs, which are two square inches or less, can cost between $50-$80 and can be completed quickly.
– More complex work can cost an average of $200 per hour.
– Highly skilled and in-demand artists can charge up to $500 per hour, while apprentices and less skilled artists may charge as little as $75 per hour.
– Tattoos involving dot work or geometric patterns are typically more time-consuming and therefore more expensive.
– It is advisable to consult with the artist or studio beforehand regarding pricing.
– It is also customary to tip, with the average tip being 15%, although 20% is often recommended for quality work.