Unlocking the Beauty Within: Exploring Perfectly Imperfect Tattoo Designs

– The article discusses a new idea for tattoo designs that do not require ink.
– The author personally used the new method with positive results.
– The process involves applying the design and using wet wipes to adhere it to the skin.
– The tattoo is then ready in 24-36 hours and can be washed without worry.
– This article discusses temporary tattoo designs and provides information on the size, application, longevity, customization options, bulk orders, and shipping details.
– The size of the temporary tattoo is approximately 2 inches in length.
– Customers can request a smaller or larger size, and pricing will be provided accordingly.
– The application process involves cutting excess paper, peeling away the clear plastic, applying the tattoo to the skin, covering it with a damp cloth for 20 seconds, peeling back the paper, and allowing the tattoo to dry for at least 10 seconds.
– The tattoo should last between 1-3 days if it is kept dry and not rubbed.
– Some customers have reported the tattoos lasting up to a week with proper aftercare.
– Customization options are available, and inquiries should be made through Etsy.
– Bulk orders of 20 or more quantity temporary tattoos can be requested, and special pricing is offered.
– Shipping usually takes 1-3 business days, with orders being sent in a small envelope via USPS.
– Standard shipping comes with partial tracking and takes approximately 2-6 business days, but delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.
– Upgraded shipping options are available for guaranteed delivery dates.