Heart on Sleeve Tattoo: The Symbolic Artistic Expression

– The heart on sleeve tattoo is an international symbol of emotional authenticity.
– It represents being real about how one feels, particularly when not okay.
– The tattoo acts as a conversation starter and raises awareness of mental health.
– It signifies understanding the struggle of putting on a brave face.
– Examples of the tattoo design are provided, including a normal heart or a logo.
– Individuals are encouraged to choose what feels right for them.
– Heart tattoos originated from sailors as a symbol to keep loved ones close while at sea.
– They often had names or other decorations such as flowers, swallows, or skulls.
– Heart tattoos can represent love, compassion, courage, grief, loss, or be a memorial for someone who passed away.
– The design of a heart with a dagger through it represents ruthlessness, death, sacrifice, or betrayal.
– This design has roots in early Christianity and is often called the “Immaculate or Sacred Heart of Mary.”
– It can also symbolize the heart of Christ and devotion in Christianity.
– Outside of religion, the heart and dagger can represent the Voodoo spirit Erzulie Dantor, who protects women, children, and outcasts.
– Heart tattoos remain popular among sailors as a sign of loyalty and willingness to fight.