The Power Wand Tattoo: Unveiling the Art of Ancients

– The Power Wand Full Set is a wireless tattoo pen machine that is the smallest and lightest in the market.
– It comes with different options for Liner, Shader, or Packer Wand.
– Includes two battery packs with Critical Core technology and 5.0 Bluetooth wireless capabilities.
– The set is compatible with the Critical Connect Foot Switch (sold separately) for wireless control.
– The battery can be positioned in 360 degrees and easily swapped.
– The Shader machine is ideal for black and grey work, with a softer motor and a 3.5mm stroke.
– The Packer machine is versatile and can be used for line work, color packing, and different levels of intensity.
– The Liner machine is specialized for big, bold lines with a 5.0mm stroke.
– Bishop Tattoo Supply offers a one-year manufacturers’ warranty for all tattoo machines and products they make.
– The machines are handmade in the USA using both domestic and high-quality international parts.
– The warranty covers machine parts for the original owner.
– The warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
– For machines, the warranty covers manufacturers’ defects and is voided if the machine is overlubricated, dropped, or used for unintended purposes.
– The warranty is also voided if non-authorized parts are used or if the motor is opened by the user.
– For non-machine items, warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis.
– If a machine has issues within the one-year warranty period, customers need to send the machine and their receipt for repair or replacement.
– The warranty is non-transferrable and only applies to the original owner.
– Bishop Tattoo Supply may make exceptions to the warranty policy on an individual basis.