The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Back of Thigh Script Tattoo: Tips, Designs, Pain Factors

The article discusses the potential of leg and thigh tattoos, highlighting factors such as the amount of space available and the movement of the leg. It mentions that each area offers something different – the thigh provides more space and movement, while the calf is more rigid but narrower. The article also mentions that thigh tattoos tend to be less painful compared to getting inked on the shin, which is one of the most painful placements on the body. It advises doing research on the best design and placement for the tattoo and considering the level of pain one is willing to endure. The article concludes by offering 37 leg and thigh tattoos as inspiration. It mentions that the thigh is a good place for tattoos because it provides a large surface area for both large and delicate designs. The article also provides a link to a previous post about lace art and offers a gallery of interesting and sexy script tattoos on the thigh. It suggests tattoo ideas such as flowers, butterflies, and tattoos on the back of the thigh.