The Intricate Art of Chinese Ink Tattoo: Timeless Traditions

Step into a world where ancient Chinese artistry meets the contemporary world of tattoos.

At Newtattoo Studio in Beijing, owned by the talented Chen, Chinese ink tattoos come to life, drawing inspiration from none other than Angelina Jolie.

With a unique fusion of ancient painting techniques, watercolors, and brush ink paintings, Chen takes tattooing to a whole new level.

But that’s not all – Chen uses different tattoo machines, including endorsing the renowned Cheyenne brand.

Intriguingly, Chen has bigger plans for 2022 and has even ventured into the world of fashion, founding the clothing brand ‘Ink Chen.’ Get ready to be captivated by the harmonious marriage of art and body at Newtattoo Studio.

chinese ink tattoo

A Chinese ink tattoo is a type of tattoo that specializes in incorporating elements of ancient Chinese painting, watercolors, and brush ink paintings.

Newtattoo Studio, owned by Chen in Beijing, is known for their expertise in Chinese ink tattoos.

Chen was inspired to pursue tattoo art after seeing Angelina Jolie’s tattoo in 2009 and learned tattoo techniques from her teacher Leng Yan.

Chen uses different types of tattoo machines to outline and add color to her tattoos.

She is also an official endorser for Cheyenne, a German tattoo equipment company, and prefers their tattoo pens Luna and Sol Nova Unlimited.

In addition to her tattoo work, Chen has also founded a clothing brand called ‘Ink Chen’.

Chinese Ink places a strong emphasis on creating tattoo works that display maximum aesthetic beauty and emphasize the harmony between the pattern and body structure.

Chen plans to continue tattooing in 2022 and develop new products for her studio.

Key Points:

  • Chinese ink tattoos incorporate elements of ancient Chinese painting, watercolors, and brush ink paintings.
  • Newtattoo Studio, owned by Chen in Beijing, is known for specializing in Chinese ink tattoos.
  • Chen was inspired by Angelina Jolie’s tattoo in 2009 and learned tattoo techniques from her teacher Leng Yan.
  • Chen uses various types of tattoo machines to outline and add color to her tattoos.
  • Chen is an official endorser for Cheyenne, a German tattoo equipment company, and prefers their tattoo pens Luna and Sol Nova Unlimited.
  • Chen has founded a clothing brand called ‘Ink Chen’ and emphasizes maximum aesthetic beauty and harmony between the tattoo pattern and body structure.

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Pro Tips:

1. Chinese ink tattoo, also known as “Tebori,” is a traditional technique where the tattoo artist uses a bamboo stick with a needle attached to manually apply ink into the skin.
2. The Chinese character for tattoo, 鏂囪韩 (W茅nsh膿n), translates to “decorating the body.” It reflects the historical association of tattoos in China with body art and ornamentation.
3. Chinese ink tattoos often incorporate intricate designs inspired by Chinese culture, such as dragons, phoenixes, koi fish, lotus flowers, and traditional Chinese calligraphy.
4. Chinese ink tattoos are believed to possess protective properties and symbolize strength, courage, and good fortune, making them popular among martial artists and those seeking symbolism in their body art.
5. The art of Chinese ink tattoos dates back thousands of years, with evidence of tattooed mummies in northwest China dating as far back as the Han dynasty (206 BCE 鈥?220 CE). This history showcases the enduring nature of tattooing as an art form in Chinese culture.

Introduction: Newtattoo Studio In Beijing Specializes In Chinese Ink Tattoos

Located in the bustling city of Beijing, Newtattoo Studio has quickly made a name for itself in the world of body art. Owned by the talented Chen, this studio specializes in Chinese ink tattoos, offering clients a unique and truly captivating experience. With a deep reverence for the rich traditions of Chinese art, Chen’s work seamlessly blends ancient techniques with modern design, resulting in stunning and meaningful tattoos.

Source Of Inspiration: Angelina Jolie’s Tattoo Sparks Chen’s Interest In Tattoo Art

In the year 2009, Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie’s elegant tattoo captivated the world. This moment ignited Chen’s fascination with tattoo art. Enthralled by the beauty and meaning behind Jolie’s ink, Chen was driven to delve into this ancient art form and craft her own exceptional pieces.

Learning From The Best: Chen’s Tattoo Techniques Taught By Her Teacher, Leng Yan

Determined to learn the craft, Chen sought out a mentor who could guide her on this artistic journey. She found her teacher in the renowned Leng Yan, a master of tattoo techniques. Under Yan’s watchful eye, Chen honed her skills and developed her own unique style. With every stroke of the needle, she gained a deeper understanding of the art and its intricate techniques.

  • Chen sought out a mentor, Leng Yan, to guide her on her artistic journey.
  • Yan is a renowned master of tattoo techniques.
  • Under Yan’s guidance, Chen honed her skills and developed her own unique style.
  • Every stroke of the needle helped Chen gain a deeper understanding of the intricate techniques involved in tattoo art.

Fusion Of Traditional Arts: Incorporating Elements Of Chinese Painting, Watercolors, And Brush Ink Into Tattoo Art

One of the things that set Chen’s work apart is her ability to seamlessly fuse traditional Chinese art forms into her tattoo designs. She draws inspiration from ancient Chinese paintings, mesmerizing watercolors, and graceful brush ink techniques. As a result, the tattoos she creates are truly works of art.

Chen’s designs not only pay homage to the rich artistic heritage of China but also showcase her own innovative and contemporary flair. Her unique style brings together the elegance of traditional Chinese art with a modern twist.

In summary, Chen’s ability to incorporate traditional Chinese art into her tattoo designs sets her apart in the industry. Her work celebrates China’s artistic heritage while also showcasing her own creative approach.

  • Seamlessly fuses traditional Chinese art forms into tattoo designs
  • Draws inspiration from ancient Chinese paintings and watercolors
  • Showcases graceful brush ink techniques
  • Creates tattoos that are works of art
  • Pays homage to the rich artistic heritage of China
  • Demonstrates innovative and contemporary flair.

Studio Establishment: Newtattoo Studio Operating Since 2005

Since its establishment in 2005, Newtattoo Studio has become the premier destination for Chinese ink tattoos in Beijing. Chen’s unwavering dedication and commitment to her craft has earned her studio a reputation for excellence and creativity.

Key points:

  • Established in 2005
  • Focus on Chinese ink tattoos
  • Chen’s dedication and commitment
  • Reputation for excellence and creativity

With each passing year, the studio continues to attract a growing list of satisfied clients, who are eager to experience the harmony between body and art that Chen beautifully curates.

“Chen’s Newtattoo Studio is known for its excellent and creative Chinese ink tattoos.”

Equipment Mastery: Chen’s Use Of Different Tattoo Machines For Outlining And Color

To achieve precision and depth in her tattoo designs, Chen utilizes various types of tattoo machines. For the initial outlining, she relies on a particular machine that allows her to create clean and precise lines. When it comes to adding color and shading, Chen switches to a different machine that allows for more intricate and delicate work. This careful consideration and mastery of equipment contribute to the exceptional quality of her creations.

Official Endorser: Chen’s Endorsement For Cheyenne, A German Tattoo Equipment Company

Recognizing Chen’s exceptional skills and expertise, Cheyenne, a prominent German tattoo equipment company, sought her as an official endorser. This endorsement not only showcases the trust and respect the industry has for Chen, but it also affirms her commitment to using top-notch tools to achieve the best results. Chen’s partnership with Cheyenne has further solidified her status as a leading artist in the world of Chinese ink tattoos.

  • The endorsement by Cheyenne highlights Chen’s exceptional skills and expertise in the tattoo industry.
  • Chen’s commitment to using top-notch tools is affirmed through this partnership.
  • The collaboration with Cheyenne has elevated Chen’s status as a leading artist in Chinese ink tattoos.

“Chen’s partnership with Cheyenne has further solidified her status as a leading artist in the world of Chinese ink tattoos.”

Preferred Tools: Cheyenne Asia Collaborates With Chen For Tattoo Pen Preference

In an exciting development, Cheyenne Asia reached out to Chen to collaborate on the design and production of their tattoo pens. Chen, with her extensive experience and expertise, was the perfect individual to guide and influence the development of their latest innovations. Cheyenne Asia’s Luna and Sol Nova Unlimited, meticulously designed with Chen’s preferences in mind, have become her go-to tools for creating intricate and stunning works of art.

Future Plans: Chen’s Continuation Of Tattooing And Product Development For Newtattoo Studio

As the years go by, Chen shows no signs of slowing down. With a passion that burns brighter than ever, she plans to continue tattooing and pushing the boundaries of Chinese ink art in 2022 and beyond. Additionally, Chen aims to develop new products for her studio, exploring innovative ways to enhance the tattooing experience and further elevate the artistry and craftsmanship that she is known for.

  • Chen is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Chinese ink art and constantly improving her skills.
  • She is passionate about enhancing the tattooing experience for her clients.
  • Chen aims to develop new products that will add value to her studio and set it apart from others in the industry.

“I believe that tattooing is not just a form of self-expression, but also an art form that should constantly evolve and push the boundaries of creativity.” – Chen

Expanding Brand: Chinese Ink’s Venture Into Clothing With The ‘Ink Chen’ Brand

Chen’s creative ambitions extend beyond tattoo art, as she also founded the clothing brand ‘Ink Chen’ under her label Chinese Ink. Driven by a desire to explore various avenues of creativity, Chen wanted to offer her clients a unique way to incorporate her artistic vision into their everyday lives.

With ‘Ink Chen,’ individuals can now wear clothing that reflects the beauty and harmony that Chen strives to create in her tattoos. From elegant designs to comfortable fabrics, the ‘Ink Chen’ brand brings Chen’s artistic vision to a broader audience, allowing them to connect with her stunning creations in new and exciting ways.

Benefits of ‘Ink Chen’:

  • Unique and artistic clothing options
  • Reflects Chen’s beauty and harmony in tattoos
  • Elegant designs and comfortable fabrics

“Ink Chen brand brings her stunning creations closer to a broader audience.”


You may need to know these questions about chinese ink tattoo

Can you use Chinese ink for tattoos?

Using Chinese ink for tattoos is not ideal due to the high risk of serious infection. It is not recommended or advisable to choose this option. To ensure your safety, it is best to save up and visit a reputable tattoo parlour where new, clean equipment and ink are used for all customers. By doing so, you can have peace of mind and reduce the risk of any potential health complications associated with using Chinese ink for tattoos.

How long does Chinese ink tattoo last?

Chinese ink tattoos can vary in their longevity, primarily depending on the composition of the ink used and the individual’s immune response. Though these tattoos are generally expected to last around six months, there have been instances where the tattoos have remained visible for a significantly longer period. The controversial nature of Chinese ink tattoos lies in the potential toxicity of the ink ingredients, which adds an additional layer of uncertainty to the longevity of these tattoos. It is crucial to consider the potential risks and consult with a reputable tattoo artist before deciding to get a Chinese ink tattoo.

What are Chinese style tattoos called?

In Chinese culture, tattoos are often referred to as “Ci Shen” or “Wen Shen,” which translates to “puncture the body.” Despite its long-standing history in China, tattooing has remained relatively uncommon. However, as China opens up to global influences and its younger generation embraces new trends, Chinese style tattoos are gradually gaining popularity both within the country and internationally. These tattoos often showcase traditional Chinese symbols, characters, or beautiful Chinese calligraphy designs, creating a unique and culturally-rich artistic expression.

What is Japanese tattoo ink?

Japanese tattoo ink, also known as sumi (澧?, is a specialized type of ink used for tattooing in Japan. It is important to note that not all sumi inks are suitable for tattooing, as there are various types available. However, the highest quality Japanese tattoo ink is made in Nara City, Japan, following traditional methods, and is highly valued in the tattoo industry. This premium sumi ink is known for its exceptional quality and comes with a higher price due to its reputation and craftsmanship.

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