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Wet Healing vs Dry Healing A Tattoo?

Healing is undoubtedly the utmost important phase after getting a tattoo. Avoiding things that could lead to infection of your fresh body art is important for your health, as well as maintaining the quality of your tattoo.

Reddit user evildead74 gives an analogy that illustrates their strong feelings against dry healing.

“I’m no doctor or artist, but as someone who has 3/4 or their body tattooed I can certainly say that I’d rather jump into a tub full of lemon juice and slide down a razor blade, then dry heal my tattoos.” Source.

As evildead74 is somebody with 3/4 of their body tattooed, it is fairly safe to say that they know what they’re talking about.

However, they go on to state that it may just depend on what type of tattoo someone gets: If it is colored, the depth of detail, size, etc. For instance, if the tattoo was just an outline, it is easy to forget about moisturizing due to it not getting irritated.

Even with all this said, there may be reasons to dry heal. We went on a search to find the top reasons why some prefer dry healing over the alternatives. To our surprise, all evidence suggesting dry healed tattoos are superior is all just anecdotal.

If someone thinks that dry healed tattoos are better, they have most likely been using the wrong types of lotions and ointments in the aftercare process. One of the easiest prevented mistakes that people make is the use of lotion that contains fragrance on their tattoos. Fragrances and additional ingredients in lotions irritate tattoos, endangering the body art and making the tattoo itchy. Another crucial step is following the proper tattoo wrapping procedure, and to know how long to keep a tattoo wrapped for!


Both! It’s important to not let your tattoo dry out, but it is equally important not to drown your tattoo in lotion.

After getting your tattoo, using Aquaphor Ointment, apply and massage in a small amount so it is barely shiny. Keep the skin very clean and continue to use the ointment for 48 hours.
After the two days of ointment, use a hypoallergenic non-scented lotion to keep your tattoo moisturized.

Although we are not sponsored by Aquaphor, we still strongly suggest using this brand to heal your tattoos if you want to see great results.

If you follow these tips, it is almost guaranteed that your tattoo will heal into the masterpiece that you intended it to be!


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