Tattoos Sims 4: Exploring the Artistic Expressions and Customization

Discover a world of endless possibilities and stunning creativity as you dive into the captivating realm of tattoos in Sims 4.

From beautiful and intricate designs to bold and rebellious statements, embark on an exhilarating journey through curated tattoo sets such as Forever Lost, Wicked Simlish, Witchy, Fatal Angel, and many more.

Get ready to unleash your imagination and adorn your Sims with the artistry they deserve.

tattoos sims 4

In The Sims 4, there are several tattoo sets available for players to enhance their Sims’ appearance.

Some popular tattoo sets for the game include the Forever Lost Tattoo Set by cowplant-pizza, Wicked Simlish Tattoos by PeachiieSims, Witchy Tattoos by IdleTownie, Fatal Angel Tattoo Set by lotuswhim, and hey that’s pretty cool!

sleeve tattoo by herbalia.

Other notable options include a space-themed tattoo set and Nocturne Tattoos, both created by PeachiieSims.

Additionally, players can explore the Bloody Mary Tattoos by CuberSims, Teen Spirit Tattoos by bellagothes, and Mini Tattoo Set #1 by BexoSims.

For more variety, you can also check the Flower Fairy: A Tattoo Set and Moonlight Princess: a Tattoo Set by cowplant-pizza, as well as the Swordplay Tattoos Pack by PeachiieSims.

The Life Hurts Tattoo Set by lotuswhim and Random Tattoos 03 by Hishel are other options worth considering.

These are just a selection of the available tattoo sets in The Sims 4, and players have the freedom to choose those that match their Sims’ style and personality.

Key Points:

  • The Sims 4 has a variety of tattoo sets available for players to customize their Sims’ appearance.
  • Popular tattoo sets include:
  • Forever Lost Tattoo Set
  • Wicked Simlish Tattoos
  • Witchy Tattoos
  • Fatal Angel Tattoo Set
  • Sleeve Tattoo
  • Other notable options include:
  • Space-themed and Nocturne Tattoos
  • Bloody Mary Tattoos
  • Teen Spirit Tattoos
  • Mini Tattoo Set #1
  • Flower Fairy and Moonlight Princess tattoo sets are available, as well as Swordplay Tattoos Pack.
  • Life Hurts Tattoo Set and Random Tattoos 03 are additional options to consider.
  • Players can choose tattoo sets that match their Sims’ style and personality.

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Pro Tips:

1. In “The Sims 4,” players can give their sims tattoos as part of the Create a Sim tool, but did you know that this feature was not available in the original release? Tattoos were introduced as a free update in the summer of 2019, much to the delight of fans who had been requesting this feature.

2. The range of available tattoos in “The Sims 4” is quite extensive, with options ranging from intricate designs to simple symbols. However, there is a secret “Plumbob” tattoo that can only be unlocked by achieving a certain level of accomplishment within the game. This special tattoo adds a touch of exclusivity to your sim’s ink collection.

3. Have you ever wondered what happens to a sim’s tattoos if they choose to age up? You’ll be surprised to know that tattoos do not disappear or get altered with aging in “The Sims 4.” Regardless of how old your sim gets, their tattoos remain unchanged, ensuring a lifetime dedication to body art.

4. “The Sims 4” packs include various expansion, game, and stuff packs that add new features, objects, and interactions to the game. One of these packs, called “Get Together,” introduces a secret skill known as the “Club Skill.” This skill allows sims with certain tattoos to showcase their ink and receive extra points during club events.

5. The inclusion of tattoos in “The Sims 4” not only offers creative expression for players but also serves as a means of storytelling. Sims can acquire tattoos based on their life experiences, personality traits, or aspirations, allowing players to further personalize their sim’s journey and add depth to their virtual lives. From tattoos commemorating achievements to symbols mirroring relationships, the tattoos in “The Sims 4” open up a world of storytelling possibilities.

Forever Lost Tattoo Set

The Forever Lost Tattoo Set by cowplant-pizza is a mesmerizing collection of tattoos for Sims 4 players looking to add a touch of mystery and elegance to their gameplay. This set features a variety of intricate designs that showcase elements of nature, magic, and fantasy. From delicate flowers and enchanting butterflies to intricate celestial patterns, the Forever Lost Tattoo Set offers a wide range of options for players to express their individuality.

Each tattoo in the set is carefully crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that every Sim wearing one of these tattoos will stand out in a crowd. The designs are beautifully rendered and seamlessly integrate with the Sim’s skin, providing a realistic and immersive experience. Whether your Sim is a nature lover, a dreamer, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of art, the Forever Lost Tattoo Set is a must-have addition to your Sims 4 game.

  • Mesmerizing collection of tattoos for Sims 4 players
  • Intricate designs showcasing elements of nature, magic, and fantasy
  • Delicate flowers, enchanting butterflies, and celestial patterns
  • Carefully crafted with attention to detail
  • Realistic and immersive experience with seamless integration
  • Express your individuality with a wide range of options
  • Perfect for nature lovers, dreamers, and art enthusiasts

Wicked Simlish Tattoos

PeachiieSims adds a touch of edginess and attitude to the Sims 4 tattoo scene with the Wicked Simlish Tattoos set. This collection is perfect for Sims who have a rebellious streak and want to make a statement with their body art. From bold quotes that speak to the soul, to dark and intricate designs that evoke a sense of mystique, the Wicked Simlish Tattoos offer a wide array of options for players looking to add some edge to their gameplay.

What sets this tattoo set apart is its commitment to customization. Each tattoo can be resized, rotated, and positioned to fit perfectly on your Sim’s body. Whether you want a small and discreet tattoo or a large and attention-grabbing one, the Wicked Simlish Tattoos set has got you covered. Moreover, the vibrant colors and high-quality textures ensure that these tattoos look stunning on every Sim, regardless of their skin tone or style.

Witchy Tattoos

IdleTownie introduces the Witchy Tattoos set to Sims 4, adding a magical and mystical touch. This collection caters to Sims who embrace their inner witch and want to display their connection to the supernatural.

The Witchy Tattoos set offers a range of captivating designs, including pentagrams, mystical symbols, and witchy quotes. These tattoos are certain to add an intriguing element to your Sims’ appearance.

What distinguishes this set from others is its meticulous attention to detail and authenticity. Each tattoo is intricately designed to capture the true essence of witchcraft and the occult. The textures are vibrant and vivid, ensuring that these tattoos truly come to life on your Sims’ skin.

Regardless of whether your Sim is an experienced spellcaster or a novice delving into the world of magic, the Witchy Tattoos set serves as the perfect accessory for any avid occult enthusiast.

  • Intricately designed tattoos capturing the essence of witchcraft and the occult
  • Vibrant textures that bring the tattoos to life
  • Perfect accessory for seasoned spellcasters or magic beginners

“The Witchy Tattoos set transforms your Sims’ appearance, offering an enchanting way to express their devotion to the supernatural.”

Fatal Angel Tattoo Set

lotuswhim introduces a touch of danger and allure to the world of Sims 4 tattoos with the Fatal Angel Tattoo Set. This collection is perfect for Sims who exude confidence and want to make a striking impression with their body art.

The Fatal Angel Tattoo Set features a range of bold and daring designs, including angel wings, tribal patterns, and intricate geometric shapes, that are sure to turn heads.

What sets this tattoo set apart is its versatility and adaptability. Whether your Sim is a rebel with a cause or a seductive charmer, the Fatal Angel Tattoo Set has a design to suit every personality.

The tattoos can be mixed and matched to create a unique and personalized look, allowing you to unleash your creativity and make a bold statement. With high-quality textures and lifelike details, the Fatal Angel Tattoo Set is a must-have for any Sim looking to embrace their inner angel or devil.

Hey That’s Pretty Cool! Sleeve Tattoo

Herbalia introduces the Hey That’s Pretty Cool! Sleeve Tattoo, a set that is sure to catch the attention of Sims 4 players with its modern and trendy designs. This collection is perfect for Sims who want to showcase their individuality and style through their body art.

The Hey That’s Pretty Cool! Sleeve Tattoo features a variety of contemporary designs, including geometric patterns, abstract shapes, and vibrant colors that are sure to make a statement.

What sets this tattoo set apart is its versatility and ability to transform any Sim’s appearance. The sleeve design covers the entire arm, allowing players to create a cohesive and impactful look. Whether your Sim is a fashion-forward trendsetter or a lover of all things cool and quirky, the Hey That’s Pretty Cool! Sleeve Tattoo is the perfect accessory to complete their unique style.

A Space-Themed Tattoo Set

PeachiieSims takes players on a cosmic journey with the A Space-Themed Tattoo Set, a collection that is sure to appeal to Sims who are enchanted by the mysteries of the universe. This set features a range of celestial designs, including stars, planets, galaxies, and astronauts, that are perfect for Sims who want to showcase their love for all things celestial.

What sets this tattoo set apart is its ability to create a sense of wonder and awe. Each design is beautifully rendered and captures the beauty and grandeur of space. The tattoos seamlessly integrate with the Sim’s skin, creating a realistic and captivating effect. Whether your Sim is an aspiring astronaut or simply a stargazer, the A Space-Themed Tattoo Set is a must-have addition to their body art collection.

Bloody Mary Tattoos

CuberSims introduces a Bloody Mary Tattoos set that adds an element of horror and gore to the world of Sims 4 tattoos. This collection is specifically designed for Sims who have a penchant for the macabre and wish to embrace their inner darkness. The Bloody Mary Tattoos set offers a range of designs, such as blood splatters, wounds, and eerie symbols, which will bestow a hauntingly beautiful presence upon your Sims.

What truly distinguishes this tattoo set is its ability to infuse depth and realism into your Sim’s appearance. The textures and intricate details are so lifelike that they convincingly portray fresh wounds or oozing blood. Whether your Sim embodies a gothic aesthetic, harbors a fascination for horror, or simply appreciates the artistry of fear, the Bloody Mary Tattoos set is the ideal choice for a bone-chilling transformation.

Teen Spirit Tattoos

Bellagothes introduces the Teen Spirit Tattoos, a collection that perfectly captures the rebellious and carefree spirit of teenage Sims. This set is ideal for Sims who embrace their youthful energy and want to showcase their individuality through body art. The Teen Spirit Tattoos offer a variety of designs, including music notes, skateboard graphics, and snarky quotes, that are sure to resonate with teenage Sims.

What makes this tattoo set stand out is its focus on self-expression and personal identity. Each design represents a different aspect of teenage culture, allowing Sims to choose tattoos that align with their passions and interests. Whether your Sim is a budding musician, a skateboarder, or simply a free spirit, the Teen Spirit Tattoos set serves as the perfect accessory to reflect their youthful and vibrant personality.

Mini Tattoo Set #1

BexoSims introduces the Mini Tattoo Set #1, a collection of small and delicate tattoos specifically designed for Sims who prefer a more subtle and understated look. This set offers a range of minimalist designs, including flowers, animals, and symbols, allowing Sims to add a touch of elegance to their body art.

What makes this tattoo set truly unique is its simplicity and versatility. Each tattoo is carefully crafted to be discreet and can be placed anywhere on the Sim’s body. Whether your Sim desires a small tattoo on their wrist, ankle, or collarbone, the Mini Tattoo Set #1 offers a design to suit every preference. The high-quality textures and intricate details ensure that these tattoos enhance the beauty and sophistication of any Sim’s appearance.

Nocturne Tattoos

PeachiieSims is back with the Nocturne Tattoos, a collection specifically designed for Sims who embrace their dark and mysterious side. This set features a variety of gothic designs, such as moon phases, bats, and intricate lace patterns, that are sure to enchant and captivate.

What makes the Nocturne Tattoos unique is their ability to combine elegance and darkness seamlessly. The designs are meticulously crafted and perfectly blend with the Sim’s skin, resulting in a stunning and ethereal effect. Whether your Sim is a creature of the night or simply appreciates the beauty of the unknown, the Nocturne Tattoos set is the perfect accessory to add intrigue to their appearance.

In the world of Sims 4 tattoos, there is a plethora of options for players to express their individuality and creativity.

With a wide range of themes, styles, and designs, these tattoo sets allow players to customize their Sims’ appearances and create unique and immersive gameplay experiences. Whether you prefer delicate and elegant designs or bold and edgy statements, the Nocturne Tattoos mentioned above provide endless possibilities for creating beautiful and personalized body art for your Sims.

  • Elegant designs like moon phases and intricate lace patterns.
  • Dark and mysterious gothic motifs including bats.
  • Tattoos seamlessly integrate with Sim’s skin.
  • Create a stunning and ethereal effect.
  • Perfect for Sims who embrace their dark side.

So, dive into the world of tattoos in Sims 4 and let your imagination run wild!


You may need to know these questions about tattoos sims 4

How do you change tattoos on Sims 4?

If you wish to change tattoos on your Sims in The Sims 4, simply navigate to the ‘body’ tab and locate the heart-shaped tattoo tab. Within this tab, you will find the tattoo your Sim currently has, indicated by a red X. By selecting the red X, you can effortlessly remove the existing tattoo and create space for a new design. With this easy-to-use feature, you can continuously customize your Sims’ appearance with different tattoos to suit their evolving personalities and styles.

Can you be a tattoo artist in Sims 4?

Yes, in Sims 4, you can pursue a career as a tattoo artist. Embark on this creative journey and reap the rewards that come with it. With 10 levels to climb, each requiring certain skill levels, you will gradually progress and master the art of tattooing. As you reach the pinnacle of this career, you can expect to earn a satisfying income of approximately 4,000 Simoleons per day. Not only does this career offer financial rewards, but it also presents exciting challenges through the inclusion of 35 custom chance cards, 135 chance card outcomes, and 135 buffs. So, unleash your artistic talent and dive into the vivid world of tattooing in Sims 4!

How can I modify my tattoo?

If you are looking to modify your tattoo, there are several options to consider. One approach is to go for a touch-up, where a skilled artist can refine and enhance the existing design. Another possibility is opting for a cover-up design, which involves creating a new tattoo over the old one to conceal it. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the success of these methods depends on various factors, such as the size, placement, and complexity of the original tattoo. Laser removal might be another option, though it’s crucial to note that complete removal may not be possible, especially for tattoos with vibrant colors that tend to be more resistant. To explore the best course of action, consult with a professional tattoo artist or a dermatologist experienced in tattoo modification.

1. How can I create custom tattoos for my Sims 4 characters?

To create custom tattoos for your Sims 4 characters, you can follow a few simple steps. First, you will need to download a custom content (CC) package that includes tattoo designs created by other Sims players. You can find these CC packages on Sims 4 CC websites or forums. Once you have downloaded the CC package, extract the files and place them in the Mods folder of your Sims 4 installation directory.

Next, open the Create-a-Sim (CAS) mode in Sims 4 and select the Sim you want to apply the custom tattoo to. Navigate to the “Body” section and choose the “Tattoos” option. From there, you will be able to browse through the available tattoo designs, including the custom ones you downloaded. Select the desired custom tattoo and apply it to your Sim’s body. With these simple steps, you can add personalized and unique tattoos to your Sims 4 characters.

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