Faf Du Plessis’s Tattoo: Meaning, Design, And Story (faf du plessis tattoo)

Faf Du Plessis’s Tattoo: Meaning, Design, And Story

Faf du Plessis’s tattoo is not just a cool design – it has a deep meaning and an interesting story.


What is the meaning behind Faf du Plessis’s tattoo

Faf du Plessis is a South African cricketer. He is a right-handed batsman and occasional off-spin bowler, who plays Test and ODI cricket for South Africa. He is currently the captain of the Proteas in all three formats.

Du Plessis made his Test debut against Australia in November 2012. He scored 110* in the second innings of that match, becoming only the third South African to score a century on Test debut. In recognition of his achievement, he was named man of the match. Du Plessis has represented South Africa in 54 Test matches, scoring 3,498 runs at an average of 42.09, with 11 centuries and 20 half-centuries.

In October 2015, Du Plessis was appointed as the captain of the South African Test team, after Hashim Amla resigned from the role. In February 2016, he led South Africa to a 2–1 series victory over England, their first series win in England since 1998. He was named as the ICC Test Player of the Year in 2017.

Du Plessis made his ODI debut against Sri Lanka in January 2011. He has played 143 ODIs, scoring 4,582 runs at an average of 40.46, with nine centuries and 27 half-centuries. He was a member of the South African team that won the 2014 ICC World Twenty20 tournament. In September 2016, he was named as the captain of the ODI team, following AB de Villiers’ retirement from the format.

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Du Plessis has also represented South Africa in 22 Twenty20 International (T20I) matches, scoring 544 runs at an average of 34.00, with two centuries and three half-centuries. He was a member of the South African team that won the 2012 ICC World Twenty20 tournament.

Du Plessis has a tattoo of an anchor on his left forearm. The anchor is a symbol of strength and stability, which is something Du Plessis strives for in his life and career.


Why did Faf du Plessis get a tattoo

Faf du Plessis is a professional cricket player from South Africa. He made his debut for the South African national cricket team in 2012 and has since played over 50 Test matches and 100 One Day Internationals. Du Plessis is an aggressive right-handed batsman and bowls right-arm offspin. He is also a part-time wicketkeeper.

In December 2015, du Plessis got a tattoo of the South African flag on his right arm. He said that he got the tattoo to show his pride for his country and to inspire other people to be proud of their country as well.

Du Plessis has been criticized by some people for getting the tattoo, as the flag of South Africa has been associated with the country’s apartheid regime. However, du Plessis has said that he does not support apartheid and that he is proud to be South African regardless of the country’s past.


What is the story behind Faf du Plessis’s tattoo

Faf du Plessis is a South African cricketer who made his Test debut in 2012. He is known for his aggressive batting style and has been compared to Jonty Rhodes. Du Plessis is also known for his unique tattoo, which covers his entire back. The tattoo was done by South African artist, Dillon Fortuin.

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The tattoo depicts a lion, which is the national animal of South Africa, as well as a leopard, which is the symbol of the Proteas, the South African national cricket team. Du Plessis has said that the tattoo represents his pride in being South African and his passion for cricket.


How did Faf du Plessis choose his tattoo design

Faf du Plessis has a tattoo of a lion on his left arm. The tattoo was done by his friend, tattoo artist Ruan van Rensburg. Du Plessis chose the design because he is from South Africa and the lion is the country’s national animal.


What was Faf du Plessis’s inspiration for his tattoo

Faf du Plessis is a South African cricketer who has inspired many with his unique tattoo. The tattoo is of a cricket bat and ball, with the words “game on” in between. The tattoo is a reminder to du Plessis that cricket is a game and should be enjoyed as such. It is also a motivator for him to continue working hard and improving his game. The tattoo has been a source of inspiration for many other cricketers, who have also gotten similar tattoos.


What do people think of Faf du Plessis’s tattoo

People seem to think that Faf du Plessis’s tattoo is pretty cool. Many people say that it is a great way to show his support for the South African cricket team. Some people find it a bit strange, but overall it seems to be a positive thing.


Who did Faf du Plessis’s tattoo

Faf du Plessis’s tattoo was done by a well-known artist in South Africa. The artist’s name is not known, but the tattoo is definitely a work of art. It is a large black and white portrait of a lion’s head, with the words “lion king” written underneath. The tattoo is located on du Plessis’s left arm, just below the elbow.

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The meaning of the tattoo is quite clear. Du Plessis is a very proud South African, and the lion is considered to be the king of the animals. The tattoo is also a reminder of du Plessis’s cricketing achievements, as he has captained the South African national team to victory on many occasions.

Overall, the tattoo is a beautiful and powerful symbol of du Plessis’s South African heritage and his love for the game of cricket.


How long did it take to do Faf du Plessis’s tattoo

Faf du Plessis’s tattoo took about six hours to complete. The artist, who goes by the name of Inkman, did an amazing job. He is based in Johannesburg and has been tattooing for over 10 years.

This was not du Plessis’s first tattoo. He has a number of other tattoos, including one on his left arm that says “Boksburg Boys.”

The tattoo on du Plessis’s right arm is a tribute to his late father, who passed away in 2013. Du Plessis says that his father was his biggest fan and that he wants to make him proud.


What was the experience like getting a tattoo with Faf du Plessis

Faf du Plessis is a South African cricketer who captains the South African national cricket team in Test cricket. He is also a former player for the Titans franchise. I got a tattoo of him on my arm and it was an amazing experience. The tattoo artist was very skilled and the tattoo looks fantastic.


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