Can Tattoos Cause Anxiety?

Why might the very thought of a tattoo cause anxiety in some? For one, tattooing deals largely with needles and permanency, both worrisome topics. There are countless reasons why tattoos may cause anxiety. In this article, we are going to explore these possible causes of anxiety and find solutions to minimize the tattooing anxiety.

Help! Why is My Tattoo Bleeding?

Read about Bleeding Tattoos

Blood is scary. It may be nerve racking to see your new tattoo weeping blood and ink. The first thing you need to do is to take a deep breath. This situation must be addressed calmly. Chances are, you have nothing to worry about as bleeding is part of the healing process. However, there are certain circumstances in which bleeding is a bad sign.

Tanning with Tattoos – How to Protect Your Tattoos while Tanning!

Tanning with Tattoos

It’s no secret; the sun is your tattoos worst enemy.  If this was an action movie, your tattoo would be the main character and the sun would be its arch nemesis. The sun is constantly trying to find ways to get to and damage your tattoo. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid the sun altogether! Tan skin can be very appealing to some! Tan skin can even make your tattoos ‘pop’ more.