What are the Best Reasons to Get a Tattoo?

Tattoos are controversial, that’s just a fact of the matter. There is no escaping the fact that they’re controversial. If you’re one to break boundaries, getting a tattoo should come naturally to you. If you really want one but need a bit of convincing to push you over that edge, this article is for you.

Optimally, you should not have to explain your decisions to anyone. Realistically, people will always be at your door, peering into your life and choices. If you choose to get a tattoo and you have a lot of haters surrounding you, it is wise to read up on the best reasons to get tattooed. Use this information as ammunition in arguments about why your tattoo is right for you.

As a Memorial:

Memorial TattooGetting a tattoo as a memorial is always a classy thing to do. You can get one in remembrance of a person or an event. Whatever the case, it’s hard to go wrong with a memorial tattoo.

The number one thing that you have to be careful with is presenting the tattoo in a classy fashion. If the event or person you’re memorializing is serious, than your tattoo better be high quality to show the proper respect.
Explaining a memorial tattoo to someone who doesn’t have tattoos is simple. Just tell them what it is and they should understand why you wanted a tattoo to remember.

With Friends:

Now, this reason is a bit different than the last. Rather than getting a tattoo as a memorial to a person or event, you’re getting at tattoo to remember the bond of friendship. Friendship may be one of the strongest bonds in society, proving why getting matching tattoos with a group of friends is so prevalent.
It’s not very rare to see a group of friends in a tattoo parlor together. They are etching onto their bodies a sort of monument to their friendship and their experiences together.

The one major con with matching tattoos with friends is that sometimes, friends are temporary. People change and grow in different directions. One of your best friends that you got a matching tattoo with may not be your friend in 5 years. However, a tattoo can be seen as a capsule of all of the good memories that occurred during the friendship. While it may remind you of losing your friendship upon viewing your tattoo, you can reflect deeper onto the fun experiences you had within that friendship.

With Siblings:

Very similar to getting tattooed with friends, getting tattooed with siblings is a common event. I know many sisters who have gotten matching tattoos. Now this may be a bit anecdotal, but I can assure you that siblings getting matching ink is no rare event.

Matching Tattoos
It’s hard to go wrong with getting a matching tattoo with one of your family members. Siblings are people that you’ve most likely known for your entire life, so you would know if it is or isn’t appropriate to get tatted together.
Unless you plan on excommunicating your sibling anytime soon, getting a tattoo with a sibling can be a fun adventure! Just make sure it is something that you both love and is significant in your lives.

To Show Love for your Hobby:

Having a true hobby or passion is probably one of the most important aspects of life. While participating in your hobby, you should feel most true to yourself. A hobby is something that you can identify with and you should be proud of this self-identity.

One way to show your commitment to your hobby is to get it inked onto your skin. This may be a bit drastic for a new hobby that you just picked up, but if you have a hobby that you’re truly passionate about, a tattoo may be appropriate.

Athletes get their sports tattooed; gamers get their favorite games tattooed. Tattoos can apply to a wide range of hobbies and interests. If you just think of any bizarre hobby or interest, there will be somebody with a tattoo of it.

Because you feel like it, duh!!:

Last but not least, just get a tattoo because you feel like it! What is stopping you? If you believe that getting a tattoo would fulfill who you are or make you happy, then I strongly believe that you should go ahead and get inked! Happiness and personal fulfillment are extremely important aspects of life. So screw what others have to say! As long as you understand the potential societal consequences of being tatted, go ahead and enter the world of ink!

You only live once!

Further Notes:

You know, while writing this quick little article I came across an interesting realization. Most of the points listed here for reasons to get a tattoo are also listed in another article, the “7 worst first tattoo mistakes”. This just shows that you should get a tattoo for your own reasons. It does not matter what others have to say about it. If it is something that would make you happy, then go for it.