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10 Amazing Stick and Poke Tattoos

Stick and Poke TattoosThis surreal stick and poke tattoo has strong Asian influences. The line-work on this tattoo is topnotch quality, especially for a stick and poke. The level of craftsmanship in this stick and poke tattoo is higher end.

The tattoo above brilliantly incorporates a blotch of color among the flowers tattooed. The triangle of red is a captivating concept.

This is another surrealistic stick and poke tattoo. The shading is very well done, as lighter amounts of ink are used in the midsection between the face halves, as well as used as accents for the bolder line work.

Although many people do not like the box concept for tattoos, this is rather well done. It is easy to get straight lines messed up during the stick and poke process, so the edges of the box are noticeably crooked. However, the artwork of the skull contained within the box is amazing. The skull is highly realistic.

If you’re looking for a mushroom trip inspired tattoo, then the one above should be written down in your tattoo-idea journal. The third eye is open, between the two physical eyes.

Although this skull is rather simplistic, the features included are all that are needed to represent a skull. It is halfway between cartoon and realistic.

The user who submitted this did the entire stick and poke by themselves. The tattoo measures 1 whole meter in length. Talk about amazing!

Pyromaniac? Then you’ll like this tattoo of two crossed matches.

Who doesn’t love a nice SpongeBob reference? Smitty Werben Man Jensen is worth paying homage to in the form of a stick and poke tattoo.

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